A General Search: Specify your goal and outline what you already know about your ancestor and we’ll use our expertise to identify and search the most relevant records.

Consultation & Advice on Your Project: If you want to do the research yourself but aren’t quite sure where to start, tell us about the status of your current research and we can suggest the best sources for you to consult and give you guidance on where and how to find these records.

Record Retrieval from Various Repositories: If you already know what documents you need, and the reference details (eg. Date, Location, etc), we will go anywhere in Ireland to the relevant repository to obtain the document on your behalf and send it to you by post and email.

Workshops: If some members of your local social club or activity group would like to learn how to research and document their family trees, we can arrange to visit your hall or clubhouse and spend some time giving one-to-one help and guidance to all interested parties. Normally a set of 6 classes is adequate and will result in great progress and satisfaction for all participants.

Guided Research Trips: Some people wish to have full involvement in their family history research, but yet also desire the assistance of a knowledgeable genealogist to accompany them to the repositories and help them with their research. This can be arranged to fit in with your holiday itinerary and will ensure that you can maximise your findings for your limited time in Ireland.

Seminars: In a similar vein to the workshops mentioned above, if your local social club or activity group would like to learn about researching their family trees, we can arrange to visit your hall or clubhouse and give a seminar on this topic, tailored to whatever skill level is required. Often, a follow-up seminar may be held a few months later for those who feel that they are ready to progress to the next level and want to learn more.

Documentation of Your Research: Occasionally a person may know many details about their family’s history, but have never organised or documented what they know into a easily-accessible format. We can review whatever paperwork you have and can compile it, together with your oral account of your family’s history to produce a report or booklet that can be distributed amongst your relatives, or simply kept within your own family as an heirloom.

Pedigree Sketches: For those who have made progress on their family tree, it is nice to transfer this information into a Pedigree Sketch or Chart, which can be printed onto a poster or canvas backing if desired.

Itinerary Preparation for Your Research Trip: For those who are planning a trip to Ireland and wish to do some family history research while they’re here, we can give you some guidance and suggest the best sources for you to consult based on your specific project. We also give you details of where and how to find these records, along with maps of repository locations and opening hours.

Ideas Welcome: If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, why not email us with your ideas and suggestions for a service we should offer. We’d be delighted to hear from you.